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institute >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to cover big story in just a minute. testiculate the forecast with sandra shaw. -- let's take a look at the forecast with sandra shaw. >> it will feel like fall by next week. i am looking forward to that. as far as today, it is going to be warm out there and nice. we will not have a lot of humidity from the tropical air mass. 69 degrees in york, pennsylvania. we are dealing with a nice, dry airmass. that will continue through tomorrow. mostly sunny skies today. around 84 degrees-88 degrees. and other cool light tonight down into the 60's. we are monitoring something very closely in the tropics. i will get to that in a bit. let's check on traffic. >> we have somewhat of a busy start. in the kings' bill area, some lanes are closed due to a down the pole. we have an accident with possible lane closures in another area. watch for continued closures and due to a water main break near mlk. no word yet on when it may be open. here is a live view of the traffic on i-95 just south of the beltw
of the grand jury system could be at stake depending on the use of certain information. >> and education alert this morning. the start of school is right around the corner. there are many back-to-school questions for lots of parents. there is a call center that is going to help ease the concerns of parents. transportation concerns will also be addressed. >> that are tucked away on the third floor of this area. staff members said answers to many of your back-to-school questions. >> is there any more information i can give you at this time? >> we a people from academics, students support, nutrition, transportation. this is a team effort for the district. any issue that a parent has, we hope that someone can answer that question. >> around this time of year, telephone calls seem to come in by the hundreds as students get set to return to the classroom. what is on the minds of people so far? >> everyone wants to know about transportation. parents with students who have special needs want to know about special education. what school of the going to? >> those who help run the call center have the mi
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us 4 "11 news today." -- for " 11 news today in." >> we are starting to see a change in the forecast. this has been a slow-moving front. a lot of areas for low pressure has developed. we have seen some whitening in some areas especially on the eastern shore. -- lightning in some areas, especially on the eastern shore. 78 degrees-83 degrees is the temperature range for today. we will be " for most of today. -- cool for most of today. tomorrow it will be mostly sunny. feeling really pleasant out there. something to look forward to. over to you. >> good morning. the votes are a little slick out there. we it -- the roads are a little slick out there. some possible delays. a transformer fire on courtney road. the inner loop on the beltway, an accident is off to the side. westbound no. still shut down -- the right lane closed. a week and doing quite well of the rise. we are not seeing any delays this morning. it is slick out there. no problems to report in terms of delays. an easy ride on i-95. that is the latest. >> thank you. as washington wor
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's get a check on the forecast. >> it is going to be a hot one today. typical august weather. it is heating up. yesterday it was not bad. we hit 85 degrees at the airport. we are under a risky air quality to a downtown. it is unhealthy to breathe in. with the humidity, it is not going to feel much better. we are starting out warm in the metropolitan area. 69 degrees at bwi marshall. 63 degrees across the state line in north pennsylvania. as far as their highs today, 87 degrees-91 degrees. it is feeling more humid as the deep. -- dewpoint are starting to creep up. what does traffic look like? >> good morning. we are dealing with one early morning accident on a road. some delays and lane closures. otherwise, traffic is in the green. in nice ride as far richer drive time. 11 minutes on the outer loop north side and west side. and it is a smooth down the 895 split and fort mchenry. we are looking at a nice ride on the i-895 towards the harbor tunnel. that is the latest. back to you. >> good morning. thank you. our big
institute >> good morning, everyone. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to our big story in just a moment. let's check on the forecast. >> organize state today. we will see dry conditions for one more day. for today, it will sound like a repeat of what we have been doing all week. 84-87. a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm. there is a front that is stalled out. when we see the approach of tropical storm danny, we will see how it will affect us. but it looks like by saturday morning, it will be in our vicinity. it is more offshore. more of an impact in the area. it'll be a category one hurricane. more coming up. let's check out traffic. >> good morning everybody. let's see what is going on. harford road is shut down due to some police activity. the closure of saratoga at greenwood. yesterday it was westbound that was shut down. now both directions are closed at green street. we are doing quite well on the major roadways otherwise. 11 minutes on the southbound i- 95. here is a live view of traffic in the area. so far so good both northboun
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us 4 "11 news today." >> this is a check and a forecast. -- on your forecast. >> we have some thunderstorms this afternoon. there is a front that is bringing the showers and storms. i want to bring your attention to the mid-tennessee valley where you see a lot of intense weather. some more heavy downpours associated with the system that dumped 6 inches of rain in one hour. that is going to our south. the front that is going to give us our showers is to the north and the great lakes. 70's across the board and going up between 87-91. showers and storms a role in this afternoon. ro ll -- roll in this afternoon. what does traffic look like? >> is on the business side. there is some -- a vehicle fire that has been put out on the harrisburg expressway and there is a problem in road ru -- route 1. a water main break to watch for. that is at falls road. road repairs continue in that area. here is a live in view of traffic. the white marsh area is running smoothly so far. no delays down in howard county. a pretty smooth the ride on the north side o
>> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for "11 news today." >> first a check of the forecast with sandra. >> it is likely to be the hottest day of the year. we are looking at first of all the fact that our cooling centers are open today. we have i -- a video there for you. yesterday we hit a high of 92. the cooling centers, by the way, are located in all community city action centers and senior centers from 9 a.m. until 7:00. you can also visit our web site at we not only have the location of the cooling centers and possible transportation to those, but we also have information on how to beat the heat normally. so how hart hot is it already? well, we are actually in the mid to upper 70's. it is 79 degrees downtown right now. we're surging today to a high between 95 and 98, and the combination of the humidity with that will make it feel like it is 100 to 105. heat advise wriri in effect today. more on how long that will last coming up. right now let's check traffic. >> good morning to you, sandra. thankfully not dealing with any p
>> good morning. >> thank you for joining us for "11 news today." >> lets get a check on our forecast with sandra shaw. >> we had a front. today, it feels like a covenant for much of today like yesterday. not quite -- feels like an oven for much of today like yesterday. it is a somewhat cooler. los 7's on the eastern shore. -- an 70's on the eastern shore. the front is finally going to change our weather pattern. we have a heat wave of about three days. what does traffic look like? >> there are a couple of problems. we have a water main break. some lanes are closed between reed and chase. graceland road and old york road with a downed tree. five minute ride on southbound i-95. the white marsh area is running smoothly so far this morning. here is a live view of the northeast corner of hartford. the roadways leading up to the beltway are looking good. that is the latest. >> i knew here to tell the federal government that they are overstepping their bounds. we do not want them involved in our health care decisions. >> across the nation, people are raising their voices about the
institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to other big story in just a minute. s job of the forecast what sandra shaw. >> -- let's check on our forecast with sandra shaw. >> we may see some showers around. the good news is that even though there is going to be a tropical systems and our vicinity, it will be well offshore because of a front coming through here. another quiet hot one. nothing happening on hd doppler over or state right now. 73 degrees downtown and at the airport. mostly sunny skies today. we cannot get a lot of moisture just yet. let's check traffic. >> we have a busy morning commute for motorists on northbound i-95. we are tracking an accident in the 295. two right lanes are blocked. this is one ankle of that. traffic is getting by to the letter -- this is one huppah angangle of that. perhaps a third line is blocked. we will switch over to view another angle of this. this is the big problems of this morning. it is going to impact traffic. it is the biggest problem for now. we have those manhole covers that wer
>> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to cover of extortion just a minute. this check the forecast first. -- will get to our big story in just a minute. first, let's check the forecast. >> it will be another hot and humid day outside. it will lead to some thunderstorms later on this afternoon and evening. we saw a little bit of that grain moving through last night. some of which were heavy at times. we will be expecting that again for later this afternoon. we are trying to clear out here in maryland, but there is still some patchy fog. there is moisture in the atmosphere. temperatures are holding out in the mid to upper 70's. it will be warm and humid with afternoon thunderstorms. let's check on traffic. >> it is going pretty good. we have a few incidences' to talk about. they are spread out all over our viewing area. a downed tree at harford wrote blocking both directions between factory road. we have some traffic lights out. that is out route to and ritchie highway. watch out for that. it could cause some problems. we will keep an eye out on that for you.
. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's get a check of the forecast with sandra shaw. i felt like i was living in a greenhouse this weekend. it was so steamy. >> great analogy. i love it. it was humid. i thought, oh, the sun anticipates out, no! misguided attempt. let's take a look right now at what we're seeing on h.d. doppler radar. basically a little disturbance is really percolating over virginia. it's approaching southern maryland. there are strong storms associated with that, should die off pretty quickly, and nothing in central maryland per se. but it looks like that's at least something to contend with this morning n. central maryland today, we'll see dropping dew points and high pressure. already you can see the drop in temperature. it's 55 in oakland. the darker green indicating lower humidity n. contrast, still 73 downtown, but better than lately. 68 out at the airport. headed for a high today, it does look like in the mid 80's with mostly sunny skies. so it's going to be a nice one with that northwesterly wind flow. things improving for th
>> thanks for joining us. >> we will get to the big story in just a minute. here is a check of the forecast first. >> some interesting whether we have had all week. 82 degrees today. . some potential for showers and thunderstorms. we have a moist air mass in place. we are very humid out there. downpours on the eastern shore last night. more rain is expected today. if less of a watch is expected throughout the evening. -- a flash flood watch is expected throughout the evening. some patchy fog is around. we will start drying up a bit in stabilizing things for tomorrow. looking good as we head towards the weekend. let's take a look at traffic. >> we are dealing with a tractor trailer problem from the beltway to the northbound harrisburg expressway. one lane is partially blocked right now. you can get by. you'll have to squeeze by. here's a live view of traffic on 95 in hartford county. it is running smoothly so far. no problems in the white marsh area. this inner loop accident on the ramp to northbound 83. otherwise we are in great shape this morning. that is the latest. >> we
by on the streets of downtown. the indy racing league will make its decision later on. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think of the idea to bring an irl indy car race through the streets of downtown baltimore? email us your response to >> state officials are projecting hundreds of bids they received. they are offering a flat fee of just over $2,300. the move comes after officials say fewer than 500 license holders submitted proposals in a reverse auction. officials say the bids ranged from $30 to try to $25 million. -- $425 million. >> there are new turns in the fight of health care. president obama's insists nothing has changed. he appeared to soften on the public auction. some democrats call it a no go. burkhart has more from washington. >> the line started early for a health-care town hall yesterday. >> the health-insurance industry is ripping off americans. >> by dark, police kept crowds in check, almost 10 times as many people showed up that could fit inside. >> i am not going to let them what may have a meeting. he is my congre
officer is very hard work. it is dangerous for us coming out every night, going home, and being in the public. >> she was very well respected by her peers. the union that represents the officers will create a scholarship in her honor. jennifer franciotti reporting. >> anne arundel county police are interviewing, and that may know something after man was discovered inside a car suffering from a stab bowounds. paramedics found the victim slump over inside his car. he was rushed to a hospital suffering from life-threatening injuries. the woman is not considered a suspect. baltimore city police seven other shooting investigation. it happened at preston street and north fremont avenue just after 2:00 yesterday. police say a man was found shot. there's no word on the victim's condition or suspect or motive. >> baltimore police need help finding a missing 13 year-old girl. if this is a picture of michelle phillips. she was last seen by mother july 17 on ninth street. she last spoke with the girl week later, but the girl had no idea where she was. if you think you have seen her, call ci
. $3.5 million is headed this way thanks to the stimulus recovery act. that money will be used to create jobs and reduce rates of recess pri tori illnesses. the granted will also help increase the port's efficient sip and competitiveness. >> how would you like to be $270 million richer. sounds crazy but it's possible the mega millions jackpot is up to that high. to win, you have to match all six numbers with the odds being one in 76 million. sounds easy -- 176 million. you can catch the drawing here on wbal-tv 11 news tonight at 11:22 sharp which brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what would you do with the money if you won tonight's mega millions jackpot? email your responses to >> i'd work more. >> i think you would. knowing you. >> i'm weird like that, right? >> the time is 5:05. coming up a former reality show contestn't is charged with killing his wife. >> ultimately he was laying in the aisleway completely naked. >> a plane en route to st. st. is forced to land after a passenger gets unruley and naked. >> and here's a live look at
when it becomes available. that brings us to our question of the day. about the vaccine. email us at baltimore city police investigating a shooting in northeast baltimore at the intersection of harford and old harford road around 6:30 last night. a man was shot in the torso and taken to an area hospital. this was the third shooting in baltimore on the weekend. no arrests have been made. >> state natural resources police are looking into the circumstances that led to a boat crashed on marley creek in anne arundel county. a power boat and a smaller craft collided after 6:00 yesterday. 42 year-old john martin's and hs daughter were thrown into the water. >> the boat hit something and flipped over. i saw them aunt took them -- and took them. one man is dead. >> we have another week before congress comes back to deal with the the health care reform issue. senator ted kennedy gone, the next democrats will have to figure out if they can get and republicans on board. traci potts has more from washington. >> the loss of senator ted kennedy in the middle of trying to
pool, you can enjoy one of the last full weekends before school starts. seasonable rains for us. right where we should be. it looks like as we head into tonight, a few more clouds. we're not going to have those strong thunderstorms like we've had. 66 to 69. then tomorrow, more mid 80's and partly cloudy skies. good weekend in store. i have your seven-day forecast coming up. right now, let's check out traffic for the friday morning commute. >> along with that nice weather we're also looking at a nice commute. a bit of a delay perhaps on southbound 95 getting down to fort mchenry. overall we are doing well. from the beltway southwest down to 32, outer loop, heading toward 75, 17 minutes on 895 south to get you from the 95 merged down to the 95 on the southwest side. here's a live few of traffic. so far moving well. not even the beginning of a delay. here's a live view. looks good so far. and that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. mindy and stan, over to you. >> a neighborhood brought to a standstill because of the high-profile athlete behind the wheel. >> police say michael phelps
>> good monday morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we'll get to our big story. first a check of our forecast with sandra shaw. happy monday. >> exactly. did you have a good weekend? >> yes. it was very nice. went to the international festival. excellent. and free. >> i went running yesterday, got caught in the heavy downpour. already been out three miles, soaking wet rat. nothing like that. there were several others out there as well. but it is going to be calming down today. we did have the reports of severe weather throughout the day yesterday, but today the front has passed through. so we're going to see a stabilization of the atmosphere, meaning hot. 89 our forecast high under partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. we're beginning at 75 downtown. 70 at the airport. there you see just a slight chance later on this afternoon of an isolated thunderstorm. other than that, a pretty typical first monday of august. sarah, what does traffic look like? >> good morning. dealing with some weather-related issues. we have a downed
-- champagne was being tropted when he used his handcuffs to choke a sheriff police deputy. if you have any information, you're asked to call the sheriff's office. callers can remain anonymous. the teenage triggerman responsible for the death of federal witness karl lackl will spend 40 years behind bars. jonathan cornish pleaded guilty to shooting lackl in july of 2007 to prevent him from testifying in court. the judge wants cornish to get a g.e.d. and vocational training and participate in a drug and alcohol program while in prisonon. olympic gold medalist michael phelps intends to resume training despite a sore ankle from a car crash he was involved in thursday night. meantime, he's got some explaining to do phelps will have to tell a judge while he was driving a michigan license officials say was invalid. he was issued a citation. the driver of the other vehicle anyplace a $180 fine and possibly three points on her driving record for running a red light and causing the accident. the message on his official face book site, phelps said he was fine and expressed concern for the woman involv
institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for "11 news today. >> we will take a check on the forecast with sandra shaw. >> it will be cooler. we will see mostly cloudy skies. it will not be the prettiest days. bosome showers in west virginia right now. it is associated with an upper level trough. we will be unsettled today. no major rainfall right now. maybe this afternoon some isolated thunderstorms. let's take a look of the temperatures. 77 degrees downtown carried 72 degrees of the airport. more on what the best of the week looks like in the seven- day. let's check out traffic. >> good morning. traffic is looking good at the moment. no delays. everything is an well. -- flowing well. overall we are looking good. 11 minutes your outer loop drive time from i-95. 11 minute ride on the west side. here is a lot of you. 95 and the white marsh area is looking good this morning. no problems on any of the area roadways. that is the latest on traffic. >> our big story this morning, a lawyer for 17 year-old lamont davis accused of shooting a 5 year-old girl says his cli
>> good morning, happy friday, i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thank you for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's take a look at sandra shaw. >> very refreshing. >> going to be stellar today. beautiful. 84 degrees, sunny, dew point low so not really a factor. august 7, we're looking at 56 degrees if york, pennsylvania, 70 downtown. typically warmer there but only 61 at the airport. low 60's on the eastern shore as well. beautiful sky conditions, plenty of blue out there. winds out of the northwest at 5-10 miles an hour and probably 84 out at the airport but depending on the location, 80-85. partly cloudy skies yesterday but then slowly and surely the heat creeps back into the forecast and more on all that coming up. right now let's check out our friday morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. we are still dealing with that water mean break in the city. the watermain break is fixed but westbound northern parkway between roland and falls road consider an alternate. going to cause problems as we go through the morning rush and eastbound north 100 at 295 a report of an
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21